Iron Man 3

Review: Iron Man 3

10 Sep 13

An Iron Fist Never Rusts

An Iron Fist Never Rusts...Especially when its hell bent on panel beating the stuffing out of bad guys.

Pour sugar in your neighbour's lawnmower, nail your door shut, rip out your light fittings and turn the volume on your home theatre system up to OTORRHAGIA.

The Shane Black directed, third instalment of the Ironman narrative belts onto your screen. Arresting your attention in its vice like grip while assaulting your eyes with a barrage of welcoming action sequences as the quick witted Tony Stark rids the world of yet another menace. This entertainment-a-plenty sequel is well worth the dosh. Whether you have spent thousands of dollars on the latest 4K Ultra HD, 7.1 digital THX home theatre system our mere hundreds on a standard set-up you will get your money's worth.

A well entertained 3.5/5 from me.