Isle of Dogs

101 mins
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The voices of Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum and Edward Norton star in Wes Anderson's stop-motion animated comedy about... More

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Isle of Dogs | Ratings & Reviews

"Undoubtedly, Isle of Dogs is lovingly crafted - as with Fantastic Mr. Fox, stop-motion animation proves a perfect means of conveying Anderson’s aesthetic. But even admiring, and often adoring, the craftsmanship on display couldn’t overcome its meandering, surprisingly even managing to bore despite the plethora of interesting ideas at play."

Flicks, Steve NewallFlicks

"Say "Isle of Dogs" fast and it comes out sounding an awful lot like "I Love Dogs" - which makes sense, since that's pretty much the chief takeaway from Wes Anderson's delightful new animated feature."


"Don't let the fluffy faces fool you. Wes Anderson's latest animation delivers talking dogs and snicker-inducing scenarios. But it's also bleak and frequently unsettling, a dazzling family movie with the darkest of hearts."

The TimesThe Times

"This is by some measure Anderson's weirdest concoction ever, in all sorts of good ways. And it probably counts as his most daring, too."

The TelegraphThe Telegraph

"This hugely enjoyable package shows an indefatigably fertile imagination letting rip in inimitable style - and packing an eco-themed, antibigotry message as well."

The GuardianThe Guardian

"If you've ever liked Wes Anderson before, it will quite probably be one of your favourite and best-remembered films of 2018."


"Anderson's trademark tongue-in-cheek humour and deadpan quips are there to ease the way, which seem more fluidly delivered by puppets than in Anderson's live-action fare."

Screen DailyScreen Daily

"Anderson is clearly a dog lover himself and his film is bound to appeal to anyone who shares his passion. All in all, the film is quite a treat."


"The unique charm of Isle of Dogs is its bottomless vault of curios, its sly humour, playful graphic inserts and dexterous narrative detours."

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