It Follows

It Follows


It doesn't think, it doesn't feel, it doesn't give up.

Heralded American indie horror sees 19-year-old Jay (Maika Monroe) develop a highly unusual affliction after a sexual encounter with Hugh (Jake Weary). Jay’s date explains that she is now being pursued by a being that can take human shape, though remains invisible to the uninfected. Following her - one relentless step at a time - it won’t stop until it catches Jay or she passes the curse on to someone else.

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A young, scantily-clad girl runs out of her suburban home into the street. She's terrified and panicking, desperately trying to escape from some unseen menace. It's a scenario familiar to anyone with a passing knowledge of the horror genre. But the framing, the elegant camera moves, and the chilly sense of distance immediately set It Follows apart from it its predecessors.... More

It's the rare film that plays by all the rules of a 'slasher', even pays explicit homage to them (most notably John Carpenter's original Halloween), but always feels like its own unique beast. It's (intentionally) derivative, yet fearlessly innovative at the same time.

The conceit is one of those ideas so simple yet clever you're surprised no one else has thought of it yet: a malevolent force that operates like an STD. Sex in horror movies almost always leads to a painful demise; It Follows makes that idea explicit.

Once infected you will see ‘It’. It will be a person, walking towards you, and no one else will see it unless they have slept with a carrier. Once the characters are aware of this, everyone on the street becomes a potential killer, and as they grow increasingly paranoid you too find yourself searching the frame for any sign of trouble.

An icy synth score is the perfect complement to this slice of suburban dread, a hypnotic, utterly terrifying film that earns its place on the list of classic horrors by honouring what came before while staking out bold new ground.Hide

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An absolute work of art. I'm an old timer when it comes to horror films (been watching them avidly for nearly half a century) so it takes a lot to scare me. Well, I was nearly jumping out of my seat. This movie will stay with you long after you leave the cinema. I woke up the next morning still thinking about it. This is one of those movies where everything just comes together and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The concept, acting, directing, cinematography, and the score are... More all top notch and the result is an artistic masterpiece. If you prefer horror that is insidious and creepy rather than sick or sadistic then this is for you. Tip: Don't watch the trailer!Hide

BY ememmama superstar

Really odd premise, having said that the film delivered on the scary front with a few jumps and unexpected surprises. Very creepy and odd, but not a horror movie that sticks out in my mind. I love horrors and was probably a bit deflated after seeing this as I had higher expectations. Worth watching but perhaps wait for it to come out on DVD

and that's a good thing.
Leaves you on the edge of your seat the entire way through, filling you with horrific sense of dread, unable to trust anything you see.
Basically it's a really smart and scary horror (super impressive considering the scale and budget) that is well worth seeing.
I'm very scared.

BY Gaspardation superstar

An interesting lesson on safe sex but many flaws are descernable.

I welcome this new STI horror sub-genre with open, unprotected arms.

It Follows discovers and delivers a fresh concept that film festival freaks burrow through the soil for, executing a stirring amount of ‘that thing in the distance’ tension complemented by some of the best sound design work I’ve heard on a low-budget production. The soundtrack from Disasterpeace (who also scored the music for my beloved videogame Fez) stole my heart as well as my nerves.

A pity the climax didn’t... More quite deliver (waka waka).Hide

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  • Recycles familiar teenage horror tropes - a girl alone in a house, evil forces banging on a door - but its mood is dreamy. Seldom do you feel manipulated by exploitative formulas. Full Review

  • Mitchell's deft handling of relationships gets threaded into an ingenious and exceedingly skillful creepshow. Full Review

  • A horror film that will haunt your waking hours for weeks. Every frame of It Follows is stamped with nameless dread. Full Review

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