It's Complicated Rebecca-Barry'S REVIEW

There’s actually nothing complicated about this grown-ups’ romantic-comedy from Nancy Meyers. She directed What Women Want, the themes of which play out here in a film designed purely as cinematic comfort food. That means plenty of prestige and age-related angst afforded to Meryl Streep’s character, Jane, a successful divorcee who finds herself fending off the attention of two men. That’s when she’s not busy presiding over her dream business and three impossibly perfect kids (and son-in-law, played by The Office’s John Krasinski, the least cheesy of the brood). Or hosting her conniving girlfriends in a mansion dripping with good taste. Did we mention she bakes?

As predictable and middle-class as it is, It’s Complicated is also funny, warm and charming, an unapologetic chick-flick that aims for broad laughs. You’d have to be going through a divorce not to find it amusing to see a nude Alec Baldwin attempt to be seductive or Streep and Steve Martin sharing a reefer at her teenaged son’s party. Streep spends much of the film giggling as though the effects never wore off but there’s something easy and adorable about the leads bouncing off each other in roles their personalities meant them to play. Teens might baulk at the prospect of 50-somethings talking about sex (and getting down to it) but for everyone else the belly-laughs come frequently; the tears do too.