Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Review: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

16 Jan 14

Tom Clancy : Shadow Movie Writer

Jack Ryan:Shadow Recruit
Well worth a anxiaty attack, in parts as fast paced as 'XXX' and with the same baddie. Action packed with lots to think about along the way. Some parts seem little far fetched, yet believable, set in the now, I liked that. A movie from a polictical, espionage military writer Tom Clancy. In the favour of 'Clear and Present Danger' with some 'XXX', 'Ronin', 'Sniper', 'M.I.' 'Sum of All Fears' and 'Fast and Furious' thrown in. Reminded me a little of James Bond 'Casino Royale', intro stuff.
Genre : Action, military, thriller
3/5 : Liked it, not loved it, still a great watch. It's not a date flick, it's a thinking man's movie.