Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne


This fifth entry in the Bourne series sees Matt Damon return to his role as a former assassin still in hiding, alongside Oscar-winners Alicia Vikander and Tommy Lee Jones and director Paul Greengrass.... More

Living a life off the grid by subsisting on the earnings of street fighting, Jason Bourne (Damon) is drawn back into the murky world of US intelligence operations. As an eager up-and-comer (Vikander) seeks to prove her mettle by bringing him in, long-buried secrets continue to keep a price on Bourne's head. Playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with an opponent even better-resourced than before, Bourne's journey takes him from the epicentre of the Mediterreanean refugee crisis, to anti-austerity protests in Greece, and ultimately Las Vegas.Hide

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A lot’s changed in the past decade since Matt Damon’s last outing as Bourne. Geopolitically, the world’s a bloody shambles, which offers plenty of fresh backdrops to a new dose of assassin intrigue. And, despite studios’ best efforts, there have been no new spy/action tentpoles dominating cinemas, unless you count continuing installments of the BondMission: Impossible and Fast & Furious franchises (definitely disregard The Bourne Legacy, everybody else has). Reinvigorated by the break, and ready to reclaim their position as both critically-lauded and commercially successful, Damon re-teams with best Bourne director Paul Greengrass here, for predictably satisfying results.... More

Surrounding Damon with locations torn from the headlines - the Greece-Macedonia border, anti-austerity protests in Athens - as well as Oscar-winner co-stars in Alicia Vikander and Tommy Lee Jones certainly does no harm. Nor does infusing the Bourne world with a healthy dose of post-Snowden politics. But what really makes this tick is the familiar mix of gritty, tangible direction from Greengrass, and Damon returning to his signature action role.

The narrative winds its way around the globe and through the expected array of twists and turns (hey, don’t forget this still has paperback thriller author Robert Ludlum’s DNA all through it as the creator of Bourne). Yes, you’ve seen this done before. Thankfully these guys do it very, very well - and while Greengrass can’t resist shaking the camera too much, he’s staged some impressive, tense, set-pieces that demand to be seen on the big screen.

Presumably, there are more of these to come. Bring it, I say.Hide

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BY Booper superstar

Having only seen the 3rd Bourne film previously, I didn't really know what to expect but ultimately it was a very watchable very entertaining action film. Was nice to see Alicia Vikander.

BY Jacsul nobody

Love the Bourne movies and this one didn't disappoint. Hope they make another one.

BY RealityCheck superstar

Jason Bourne
Well blow me down if it isn’t another in the every growing longer line of Bourne movies. Don’t get me wrong, they are enjoyable, to a point. This is like a mash-up of 'Bourne 2’, ‘Mission Impossible’ (series), ‘Sherlock Holmes’ (even though less talking in this one), ‘Ronin’ and ‘Eagle Eye’. Nice watch for a Friday night or if you really enjoyed the pervious Bourne series. So cool to see that rich guy from ‘Oceans 13’ but why he’s shooting at Jason...... More Again, I won’t give away the ending, but needless to say, you can guess the ending, in true Bourne style.
Genre : Action, thriller, war, action (yes I said it twice)
3/5 : Only thing different from the last few was some more history and he talked less, which is a shame.Hide

BY DanNz grader

Despite suffering a fundamental lack of understanding about how computers work, a major flaw given the film's premise, this is still an enjoyable bit of dumb action. Worth a watch if you liked the previous Bourne films.

BY christinec superstar

Being a huge Bourne fan this was disappointing. The plot is not great & some of the fight scene filming was a bit shambolic... and strangely too long. Oh no... I think this might be the end of an era :(

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  • Basically amounts to a trio of action set-pieces elegantly strung together. But who really cares when they’re this impressive? Full Review

  • Further reveals key secrets about Bourne’s origins, bringing its lethal protagonist as close as he’s ever likely to get to total recall. Full Review

  • An engrossing re-immersion in the violent and mysterious world of Matt Damon's shadowy secret op. Full Review

  • Leagues ahead of Legacy but the weakest of the Matt Damon movies, Bourne still has the power to thrill. But it seems his story has run out of steam. Full Review

  • Hunting Bourne is more than ever a business now, with a bottom line to worry about, a crowd to please, and presumably hasty deadlines to meet. Full Review

  • The Snowden/social media plotline of this film does a bit to make Bourne more relevant. But the ingredients are basically the same. Full Review

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