Jennifer's Body

Review: Jennifer's Body

By anon
02 Nov 09

Not perfect but awesomely wacky in places

4 stars might around half a star too much for this one.. but i think its a bit of a shame that a lot of people who might enjoy this film are staying away because of the title and Megan Fox.

Its a mixed up film with some really great silly ideas. Love or hate Cody's writing its undeniable that she's got a lot of flair.

It's definitely not the soft porn B fest that people seem to assume. Unless soft porn scenes typically include a curious array of woodland animals as bystanders.

When the dialogue is great its really great.. but about 40% probably could have been replaced with less crafted speak, it doesn't always feel natural.

The title I think is making a point (in codys voice) "hey isn't it f**ed up how people are so freaked out by the idea of directly referencing female sexuality, even though even though the most banal advertising constantly bombards us with it?" - and the low box office takes would seem to prove that point well!

ps - co star Amanda Seyfried kicks Fox's ass in the hottie stakes, despite the best efforts to make her otherwise!