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Sci-fi horror directors the Spierig brothers (Daybreakers) helm the Saw franchise's eighth installment, which picks up over a decade after the Jigsaw Killer's death.... More

Bodies are turning up around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one man: John Kramer. But how can this be? The man known as Jigsaw has been dead for over a decade.Hide

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The Saw series is one of the most influential horror properties of the 21st century but, like most horror legacies and garden utensils, got old and rusty. After a seven-year break, this new entry gives the keys to directing brothers Michael and Peter Spierig who were able to put respectable spins on vampire lore (Daybreakers) and the time travel genre (Predestination). Unfortunately, the script pen went to the writers of Piranha 3D.... More

As with most films in the series, the story follows both a group of strangers who wake up in a twisted game of death and the law enforcement trying to rescue them. However, there’s no one you really get to know since they’ve all been given two-word descriptions: dodgy detective, Jigsaw fanatic, annoying asshole, non-white sidekick. It doesn’t help that “players” will often do an incredibly dumb thing / not do the blatantly obvious thing when put in a life-or-death situation, making it difficult to invest in their terror.

So far, so bad, but Jigsaw does amend some elements that stained the franchise. The awful, awful, awful Mark Hoffman character – AKA Jigsaw Jr. – is hardly mentioned to my great delight along with most of the latter sequels. We also get to see Jigsaw’s original philosophy come out a bit more, with notions of “fairness” and “second chances” being reemphasised.

Disappointingly, most of the traps feel more like remixes of the past than anything drastically new. There are contraptions involving needles (re: Saw II), neck chains connected to sharp things (re: Saw V), and even Billy the OG Puppet shows up on his trike. The ones that aren’t homages/rip-offs tend to be laughably ridiculous, as is the *cue Lux Aeterna* big twist ending.

To the conclusion’s credit, it alludes to an intriguingly different direction for any possible future Jigsaw films to take. It’s what this series needs. Hell, it’s what this film needed.Hide

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Time to wrap this series up. It's basically the same movie as all the others just a different bunch of characters

BY OscarSM superstar

Jigsaw does the job, it provides another Saw film that is nothing special but will provide enjoyment for fans of the franchise. Unfortunately it will not draw in any more audience members, as all it is doing is recycling a premise that has become tired over the years. It also feels like an attempt at renewing the franchise and modernising it however in this it does not succeed. We get Saw V again, this time decorated with an ending to make it look like the original. This does not impress as it... More has none of the shock or originality that Saw had once upon a time. The modern traps also fail to give us anything new and a number of minor plot holes are created due to their aim for visually impressive and cinematic moments over logic. I was hoping for something fresh and unique but all we get is the same old premise this time with "I WANT TO BE A MODERN BLOCKBUSTER" painted all over it. Jigsaw is better than Saw VII and V however it slots right in with III and IV as an uninspired and somewhat dull film that does the job and that's it.Hide

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  • Despite containing elements of sequel, prequel and reboot, Jigsaw feels very much like business as usual. Full Review

  • If you don't like Saw, this isn't going to change your mind - but it's skilful, satisfying schlock and respectful of its fanbase. And the final death is a show-stopping coup de grace. Full Review

  • A slick soulless horror flick just in time for Halloween, more trick than treat. Full Review

  • The "Saw" genre was originally dubbed "torture porn." But at this point a more accurate description might just be "overkill." Full Review

  • Considering the long amount of time since the last installment, you'd think that more effort would have been put into creatively reviving the franchise. Full Review

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