John Carter

Review: John Carter

08 Mar 12

Family-friendly action-adventure at its best

With only the trailer to go on, you could be forgiven for assuming John Carter would be an average mashup of Prince of Persia and Avatar. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was probably one of the best movies I've seen this year.

John Carter has all the ingredients of a great adventure story - the reluctant hero, the feisty princess, a lovable and loyal companion/pet, a pale, bald and dastardly villain pulling the strings, a beautiful and exotic setting, and of course all kinds of excitement in the form of duels, fights and chases.

The film also has heart - a bit like The Mummy (the first few anyway), Stardust or even The Princess Bride; something I felt was lacking from Prince of Persia and many other action adventures today.

I was also surprised at how many times the whole audience were laughing at the numerous jokes - comedic timing was perfect, and the performances from the whole cast were perfect for the roles, even the CG characters.

Overall, I would highly recommend John Carter, in 2D or 3D - I guarantee it'll be a fun ride, and I hope there's a sequel!