Review: Joy

By tomdyton
04 Jan 16

Joy stands in stark distance from the fanfare surrounding O'Russels previous three films. Whilst American Hustle and Silver Liners Playbook boasted sharp dialogue and a naturalism amongst the cast, Joy seems more interested in complying with it's informercial roots. Jennifer Lawrence does a fantastic job as Joy, but the characterisation can't seem to maintain the same character scene to scene. To make matters worse, the ensemble is paper-thin, with very little attention given to any of the supporting players. The dialogue is often melodramatic, with far too many wasted scenes explaining the mop itself (we get it, it's a mop). The biggest problem of the film belongs to the pacing, completely muddled in symbolism, Joy picks up new thematic ideas just as quickly as it drops them. The editing of the film seems to imply that a number of major changes were made in the cut, with narration and flashbacks punching in and out that barely tie the film together.