Review: Joy

By Hugo-Burns
14 Jan 16

Joy is my least favourite of the 'David O. Russell' trilogy but is not necessarily a bad film. Joy just couldn't really decide what it wanted to be, it starts out as a family dramedy but slowly evolves into a darker drama that lacks the entertainment value of the first 1/3. Jennifer Lawrence is phenomenal however and will undoubtedly receive some oscar attention for her work (she should get nominated for Best Actress but definitely shouldn't win, Brie Larson has this year locked for Room). The supporting cast is fine but no standouts. The plot while loosely based on a true story is at times very fun and enjoyable to watch and sometimes quite depressing and it didn't flow too well and certain elements felt disconnected from the rest of the story. Overall Joy is an alright film that I will probably never watch again as opposed to the 2 other films in the 'David O. Russell, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert de Niro' trilogy'.