Julie & Julia

Julie & Julia


Meryl Streep plays iconic chef Julia Child and Amy Adams plays author Julie Powell in this film by chick-flick Queen Nora Ephron (Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail).... More

The real Julie Powell began a blog in 2002 chronicling her attempt to cook every recipie in Child's cook book 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking' (1961). This was later published as a book called 'Julie & Julia'. This story, as well as Child's memoir 'My Life in France', are intertwined in the film.

These two women, though separated by time and space, find themselves at loose ends...until they discover that with the right combination of passion, fearlessness and butter, anything is possible.Hide

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Julie & Julia offers two storylines that run in parallel to each other. The strongest belongs to Meryl Streep, who plays the shrill Julia Childs via a loony yet loveable impersonation with vocal inflections that seem to pitch the celebrity chef as an excited rubber chicken. Her story takes place in pretty ‘50s France, a shorthand location for haute cuisine. Her husband (played brilliantly by Stanley Tucci) is a gentleman academic and a supportive, devoted companion.... More

Meanwhile, Julie Powell (a sweet Amy Adams) is a plucky pixie in contemporary New York, working her way through Childs’ best-selling cookbook and blogging about it. Her husband (Chris Messina) lurks in the background, wiping the bowl with his fingers and talking with his mouth full.

Unfortunately, the second storyline doesn’t prove as engaging as the first and the two strands don’t compliment each other. Awkwardly, a late plot point reveals that the great elder chef is less than fond of her modern-day fan but nothing arises out of this conflict and the way it gets glossed over leaves an unsatisfying aftertaste.

Fans of director Nora Ephron’s previous movies (Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail) will feel at home, while Streep’s squawkings offer plenty of humour. The bright production design and light touch are just the icing on a slightly over-cooked cake.Hide

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Really did not anticipate enjoying this movie, and although it dragged in many places, there were also a lot of laughs with both characters and overall I did enjoy it, but the story was poorly entwined and very much unfinished

what was the box and in the box that was left at then end of the movie to Julia by Julie?

Not being a big Meryl Streep, it was not one I was looking forward to. I quite enjoyed it still !

The Boomer Generation has to face the staggering
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-and Hollywood has to get off the paps of the most
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THEN MAYBE ---Hollywood and Streep will be visited
by some REAL inspiration ---instead of such routine,
tv-ish, seen-to-death slop as this. ----Maybe...



peope who love cook and movie must see this film. because this movie is a bundle of joyness in passion of cook and watch great movie.

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  • Julie & Julia is not lacking in entertainment value, especially with the Streep performance. But if the men had been portrayed as more high-spirited, it might have taken on intriguing dimensions. Full Review

  • Deliciously funny and warming fare, for which the amazing Meryl deserves her ridiculously overdue third Oscar. Full Review

  • As enjoyable as this foodie movie is, you wish it would take a deeper, more nuanced measure of the women who, in two different eras, star in the movie's kitchens. Full Review

  • A consummate entertainment that echoes the rhythms and attitudes of classic Hollywood, it's a satisfying throwback to those old-fashioned movie fantasies where impossible dreams do come true. And, in this case, it really happened. Twice. Full Review

  • Julie & Julia proceeds with such ease and charm that its audacity -- is easy to miss. Full Review

  • It's the best mainstream American film I've seen this year and, like the best meals, it satisfied while leaving you wistfully wishing there were more. Full Review

  • This middling melange of Child biopic and contempo dramedy feels overstuffed and predigested as it depicts two ladies who found fame and fulfillment in their respective eras by cooking and writing about it. Full Review

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