Review: Juno

By Hoss
03 Feb 08

Ellen Page is Brilliant

Some people don’t like this movie. Over rated, over hyped, too witty to be believable, precious, phoney, too hip, contrived, unrealistic. smug, overdone, characters that exist nowhere in reality, absurd dialogue, overly articulate, verbal diarrhoea. Firstly, don’t ever go to see a movie expecting it to be the greatest movie ever. You WILL be disappointed. The dialogue in this movie is sometimes smart and witty. No teenager could possibly have these qualities or have such supportive parents. Wake up people. Not everyone fits into the stereotype you put them in. Humour is also personal taste as are most things in life. If you appreciate the immature overacted humour of say, Jim Carey, you will not ‘get’ the humour here. If you want a script that fills in all the gaps and develops each and every character, then don’t bother with this. This film is for people that appreciate the freshness of films like Little Miss Sunshine. Though it is a very different film, I still found the same love for the characters and their believable quirkiness. And hats off to another brilliant performance by Ellen Page.