Review: Juno

By Kris
21 Feb 08

Long Live Movies about Misfit Teens

I loved this movie despite the trashing a lot of people have given it for being too 'try hard'. I loved it for the characters and the fact they were all interesting and different people. I loved Juno & Bleeker, and Juno's parents, and I loved the sarcasm and the smart arse attitudes. Movies about teen misfits always cheer me up (I was one myself) and I think they show that not everyone has to be a cloned cookie cutter teenager. Admittedly, no parent will want their child doing what Juno did, and why did someone so smart get pregnant anyway? But life is like that, people are weird and not perfect or predictable. My only criticism is that it glossed over the psychological damage that can be caused by giving up a baby for adoption, and made it seem easy and always a good choice to make. But overall, I much prefer seeing these sort of people on screen than those in the usual American movies - you know what I mean - the plastic people with white teeth and tans and perfect bodies!