Just Go With It

Just Go With It


Romantic comedy starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. From the director of Big Daddy and Happy Gilmore.... More

Sandler plays Danny, a successful plastic surgeon and scheming womaniser who pretends to be unhappily married to pick up women. But when he meets the girl of his dreams he woos her without the lies. All goes well until she finds his fake wedding ring. Danny tells her he's soon to be divorced and, to keep up the charade, he enlists his office manager Katherine (Aniston) to pose as his wife...Hide

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This typically infantile comedy from Adam Sandler ticks all the Happy Madison boxes (hot leading ladies; schlubby dudes; poop and boob jokes; Sandler buddy cameos; a scene set around fast food) and should satisfy Sandler's core fanbase but there's very little here to attract the unconverted.... More

Sandler's always had a sleepy quality to his acting, but he's barely paying attention as Danny, a plastic surgeon who drafts in his 'plain' assistant (Jennifer Aniston) to pose as the wife he's divorcing when he meets the girl of his dreams, played by swimwear model Brooklyn Decker.

Even to audiences numbed by the superlatively strained circumstances most romantic comedies throw at us, the shenanigans here struggle to suspend disbelief, especially when everybody (including Aniston's kids) heads to picturesque Hawaii one third of the way into the movie.

The film is based on a film written by the legendary I.A.L. Diamond, which was itself inspired by a french play. Seeing the name of the man who wrote Some Like It Hot and The Apartment in the credits of an Adam Sandler movie is truly surreal. It's also pretty nutty when Nicole Kidman shows up but she doesn't do a huge amount with her role.

Many of the best jokes centre around plastic surgery, but they run out after the first thirty minutes of the movie. At almost two hours, Just Go With It more than outstays its welcome, and spends far too much time on the denouement. There should be a rule that Happy Madison productions can only be 90 minutes long, max. Including credits.Hide

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Loved the daughter in the film, other than that and Kidman was a predictable film that relyed on big name actors to draw in the audience.

typically funny, but pretty much just another rom com...thoroghly enjoyed it tho, laughs all the way through

BY Gerd superstar

This movie was a real laugh. Excellent sense of humour.

BY Polygurl lister

Why does Jennifer Aniston always play this type of character in movies? Bruce Almighty, The Breakup.. This one just adds to the list. Predictable right from the beginning.

Its one thing to have a semi-believable storyline where you laugh at people who get themselves into silly situations, its another to just have characters so stupid and a storyline so lame that you just wanna say "oh whatever..." every 5 minutes. Well this movie is the latter...with a storyline so stupid and jokes so bad, that you wonder how it ever got made. The only laughs were whenever Nick Swardson had a scene...the rest just wasn't funny. Felt like a Farrelly Bros flick...only 5... More times worse.Hide

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  • There is some cheap homophobia at the end, and a lot of the kind of misogyny that treats the existence of nonthin, nonrich, nonwhite women as a joke in itself. Full Review

  • A few laughs, a lot of slack and some mild xenophobia are the order of the day in the latest so-so romp to come off the Sandler production line. Full Review

  • Manages to misfire in two seemingly incompatible directions. A puerile kiddie-comedy without the anarchic energy, and a schmaltzy romantic comedy without the sweetness. Full Review

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