King Kong (2005)

King Kong (2005)


From Peter Jackson comes the Kong, starring Jack Black, Naomi Watts and Andy Serkis' motion-captured body as the great ape.

New York, 1930s. A group of filmmakers and explorers (led Black) travel to Skull Island to investigate legends of a giant, 25 foot tall, rilla named Kong. There they find the tales to be true: the jungle is a time capsule, protected and hidden for millions of years through it's isolation. Using a beautiful actress (Watts) as bait, they lure Kong and slap his ass with a one way ticket to a freak show back in the city. But we all know you can't keep a giant ape in a cage for long.

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BY Hoss lister

I hated this movie yet I was a fan of the original like Peter Jackson. The original is quite unwatchable now due to the corny special effects however this movie has gone way too far. I would have liked more tension, more suspense, but there were too much over-the-top action scenes for my liking. So yes, I agree with the former posters that say 'less is more'. Indeed I think it might be possible to salvage a 'good' film in here somewhere with some extensive cuts.

There's a good movie in here struggling to get out. Way too self indulgent, piling flash effect upon flash effect. And the moments stuffed in to sell the computer game... ?! Should have cut it down to well under 2 hours.

There are many moments which are clever, even inspired, in this movie. The opening shots of chimps in the New York zoo is an excellent 'fooled you' moment, and little Jimmy's reading of 'Heart of Darkness' on board ship makes for some amusing ironies.

At its best, it is superb, especially in the realism in the animation of Kong himself: could this be the first time a CGI character gets an Oscar nomination? The dinosaur scenes on Skull Island outclass by far 'Jurassic Park' and its ilk, and... More the New York finale is outstanding (Aucklanders will appreciate how well the Civic Theatre's interior is integrated and used in this section).

But why did it have to be so long? When a movie is over 3 hours long, with no intermission, you sympathise when you see some audience members squirming in their seats during the last hour and then rushing to the toilets even before the last scene fades. There are moment aplenty when Jackson could have done some ruthless editing and thereby might even have improved his very considerable achievement - lets hope he doesn't get seized with the idea to remake Abel Jance's Napoleon.

More is not always better: in this KK we could have had less, much, much less.Hide

Went to see the movie feeling I should, but a bit sceptical about it. What could PJ do with this story that would make it great?

I shouldn't have doubted him. King Kong 2005 is just an amazing movie. The action, the creatures, Naomi Watts, but most of all the incredible relationship between Kong and Ann. At no stage did I think of KK as computer generated. He was a 25 foot, lonely, intelligent rilla that found someone to give his life meaning. I will see it again and laugh, panic,... More sigh and weep all over again.Hide

Less would be more.

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