King Kong (2005)

Review: King Kong (2005)

30 Nov 99

Less is More.

There are many moments which are clever, even inspired, in this movie. The opening shots of chimps in the New York zoo is an excellent 'fooled you' moment, and little Jimmy's reading of 'Heart of Darkness' on board ship makes for some amusing ironies.

At its best, it is superb, especially in the realism in the animation of Kong himself: could this be the first time a CGI character gets an Oscar nomination? The dinosaur scenes on Skull Island outclass by far 'Jurassic Park' and its ilk, and the New York finale is outstanding (Aucklanders will appreciate how well the Civic Theatre's interior is integrated and used in this section).

But why did it have to be so long? When a movie is over 3 hours long, with no intermission, you sympathise when you see some audience members squirming in their seats during the last hour and then rushing to the toilets even before the last scene fades. There are moment aplenty when Jackson could have done some ruthless editing and thereby might even have improved his very considerable achievement - lets hope he doesn't get seized with the idea to remake Abel Jance's Napoleon.

More is not always better: in this KK we could have had less, much, much less.