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Eight Pan-Asian female filmmakers craft unique stories set in the same house across several decades, chronicling the diverse and ever-changing experiences of Asians trying to make Aotearoa New Zealand their home. A follow-up to 2017's Waru and 2019's Vai. More

"The house at 11 Rua Road bears witness to a visiting Chinese daughter hoping to see her father; a young Japanese mother’s loneliness and isolation; a Filipino nurse trying to support both her adopted Aotearoa family and her real one in the Philippines; a young Korean girl’s confusion with strangers nosing through her house; an Indian daughter trying to connect with her elderly father through technology, an Iranian wife growing restless with the lack of opportunities as an immigrant; a Tamil Eelam sister looking for old memories and a young Chinese-Kiwi mother’s confrontation with her neighbour." (Whānau Mārama: New Zealand International Film Festival)

2022Rating: M, Offensive language85 minsNew Zealand


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Kāinga is now playing in 2 cinemas in New Zealand.