Knocked Up

Review: Knocked Up

By Debbie
22 Jul 07

men are from mars women are from venus!

This movie really shows the differences between the sexes in a funny, poignant, bitter-sweet way.
Women will really appreciate the 'pain' of giving birth, worrying about their 'private parts ever recovering' whereas our counterparts are just 'boys and their toys' even when they are married with children.
Ben is delightful and not a typical American 'Dream Machine' a little over-weight, no real job prospects and with a bunch of friends who you would never take home to meet your parents! However I admire his tenacity and his commitment to Alison and the pregnancy.
I had a great laugh and I also shed a few tears (being a mother).
It can be a little offensive at times but this is a must-see for both sexes.
Knocked Up

Knocked Up

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