Kung Fu Panda 3

Kung Fu Panda 3


Grab destiny by the dumplings.

DreamWorks Animation turns the Kung Fu Panda series of awesomeness into a trilogy of awesomeness with this third feature that reunites Po with his long lost father. Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, David Cross and Dustin Hoffman lend their voices once again along with new stars Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Kate Hudson (Wish I Was Here) and Academy Award-winner JK Simmons (Whiplash).

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The first Kung Fu Panda was a plump dumpling filled with gorgeous oriental artistry, A-grade martial arts animation, and meaty family comedy. The sequel, and I realise I’m one of the very few to say this, was a matured masterpiece. With Kung Fu Panda 3, we’re treated to less of the same, and while that is disappointing, it doesn’t deny this trilogy from being one of the best franchises to come out of DreamWorks Animation Studios.... More

Po (Jack Black) is reunited with this panda father Li (Brian Cranston), much to the annoyance of his jealous Goose father Mr. Ping (James Hong). Po and Ping’s relationship has been both unquestionably funny and unavoidably sweet throughout the series, and this third entry slam dunks that sense of parenthood with Li’s introduction. It’s also good to see the story come full circle with the Dragon Warrior prophecy.

Unfortunately, other areas aren’t so consistent. Po’s nerd-like respect for Kung Fu Legacy doesn’t seem to mean much anymore, especially in a scene that sees him and Li trashing the warrior museum just for fun. And while a pair of God of War yo-yo blades and the voice of JK Simmons make lead baddie Kai look cool and sound menacing, his reasons for world domination are pretty weak compared to Shen’s and Tai Lung’s. He’s not a memorable villain, and the film literally treats that as a joke.

“But hey, it’s a kids film!” I hear ya, and while it isn’t on Toy Story 3’s level, Kung Fu Panda 3 still nails the basics by punching out quality kiddie chuckles, creative set-pieces, art that still amazes, and a storyline that wraps everything up – just not with a bowtie.Hide

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BY JackWallace superstar

Kung Fu Panda 3 is an enjoyable, fast paced family film. Beautiful animation. The story was pretty decent, more of the same really. If you liked the first two Kung Fu Panda movies, you'll probably like this one. Kids will love it. It's not a must see, but I had a good time. Grade: B-

BY KennethP91 superstar

Dreamworks is back with one of their strongest animated franchise with Kung Fu Panda 3. With now having a trilogy, does the third film live up to it’s predecessors in delivering a solid film to form a solid trilogy?

Po has been training under Shifu’s tutelage for quite some time now. However Shifu feels that he’s got no more to teach the Dragon Warrior therefore the student has to become the teacher. While he also tries to reconnect with his biological father, Li (Bryan Cranston) and... More also face a dangerous threat the Spiritual Warrior, Kai (J.K. Simmons).

It goes without saying that Kung Fu Panda is one of the most beautifully animated franchise that’s ever made. And in Kung Fu Panda 3 it carries this same accolade, as this film was beautifully done. It’s gorgeous to look at and the animation of the characters felt genuine. The fight choreography between the animals themselves is still top notch.

The movie itself is humorous, it’s very charming the interactions between Po’s adoptive father and his biological father is adorable and very fun to watch. Speaking of Li, Bryan Cranston is great in the movie, he sounds like he’s having a lot of fun and in return forms this great chemistry with Jack Black’s character.

Now along with Po the rest of the crew is back, The furious five are still voiced by the same actors/actresses who voiced them on the first film. Now that’s great but they don’t have much to do apart from Tigress who plays a small role in the film.

The villain is probably my least favorite Kung Fu Panda villain. As he’s not given a decent backstory and though the film shows that he’s an incredibly strong opponent you just don’t care for him all that much. He doesn’t feel threatening and he makes jokes several times which makes it hard to take him seriously. That said he’s got a pretty sweet theme song.

Despite it’s flaws Kung Fu Panda 3 is still a solid film. The story itself isn’t great but it’s not bad either, there’s a lot of positive message to be taken from the movie, a lot of it is motivating one’s self and for a kid’s movie it’s a solid film. Probably the lesser out of all the three film however, it makes then Kung Fu Panda as a whole, a great trilogy.Hide

5 Stars needed for this movie as it kept my Miss 5 engrossed the whole movie. It has humour, sadness, and a sense of family

BY RealityCheck superstar

Kung Fu Panda 3
Just like the other 2, only with elements of 'The Terminator’, ‘Karate Kid’ ‘Wizard of Oz’(1939), 'The Princess Bride’, Lion King’, about family history and a passing of the torch. Wonderful to watch with a child, or as an adult with the child inside them. Great animated film that’ll make you wana hug your dad (& mum).
Genre : Animated, family, fantasy
4/5 : great film for adults with kids wanting to install good values and personal growth.

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  • Lacks the tear-jerking revelations and darker edge that characterized its predecessor. Visually though, it's a candy-colored 3-D treat, from the exquisite sunset that shimmers over the panda enclave to the psychedelia of the spirit world. Full Review

  • Refuses to panda to the lowest common denominator. Full Review

  • A winning lightness of touch prevails in this delightful continuation of the durable DreamWorks franchise. Full Review

  • Rather than the cynical ‘one last grab’ of the series, Kung Fu Panda 3 might actually be the best. Full Review

  • The directors also make sure to let Po stay the charming bumbler he’s always been. That’s what makes him such an earnest, lovable hero. Full Review

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