Last Knights

Last Knights


Clive Owen is a fallen warrior who rises against a corrupt and sadistic ruler to avenge his dishonoured master (Morgan Freeman) in this medieval action-adventure from director Kazuaki Kiriya (Goemon). Kiwi Cliff Curtis co-stars.

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  • This is an unrelentingly dour take on the fantasy genre, ditching the wizards, dragons and rampant nudity - aka, the fun stuff. Full Review

  • Proves as square and blandly manly as an old "Prince Valiant" comic strip. Full Review

  • This old-school international hodgepodge production is weighed down by a lumbering humorlessness and a glacial pace that makes it seem far longer than its 115 minutes. Full Review

  • Owen has floundered of late in his search for a big-screen vehicle worthy of his talents, and "Last Knights" doesn't exactly buck the trend. Full Review

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