Last Tango in Paris

Last Tango in Paris

(Ultimo tango a Parigi)

Bertolucci's landmark film.

Bernardo Bertolucci's erotic drama. A young Parisian woman (Maria Schneider) begins a sordid affair with a middle-aged Marlon Brando, who lays out ground rules that their clandestine relationship will be based only on sex.... More

This graphic portrayal of sex had faint-of-heart censors fanning themselves feverishly in 1972, and cuts were made for its release. Brando was nominated for the Oscar and BAFTA, while director Bertolucci was nominated for the Oscar and Golden Globe.Hide

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81% of critics recommend.
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  • Brando gives his all but just ends up becoming himself. Interesting for it's historical notoriety, but overlong and dull in places. Full Review

  • An uneven, convoluted, certainly dispute-provoking study of sexual passion in which Brando gives a truly remarkable performance. Full Review

  • BBC

    Bertolucci's controversial drama is actually a dark, torrid masterpiece about love and grief. Full Review

  • It's Brando's film: his monologues devastate. Full Review

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