Le Havre

Review: Le Havre

By DnA
09 Jun 12

A Quirky Comedy

It's really hard to place this movie given that it has subtle black humor mingled with quirky, a very real drama, then absurd, and patches of a love story.

As we left the theatre and walked out through the theatre, down the escalator and out onto the street you could hear the usual chatter from movie goers. What was different was the regular outbursts of laughter as you remembered another absurd quirky moment of comedy.

There is a story of love that runs between the Marcel and his wife as she journeys through serious health issues living a life of poverty. We follow the Marcel as he ekes out an existence. He crosses paths with a young African boy wanted by authorities as an illegal immigrant and sets about keeping the boy safe while using all his cunning to help the boy to freedom.

I'd give the movie a 3 to 3.5 stars but bumped to 4 for the unusual experience you get from seeing this movie. It takes the viewer on an unusual journey that we don't often get to experience.