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Leftover Women

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Award-winning Israeli documentarians Shosh Shlam and Hilla Medalia (Web Junkie) tell the story of three "leftover ladies" - unmarried Chinese women over 27. Nominated for Best Documentary at Tribeca. More

"China’s one-child policy has created an untenable situation for many stigmatised single women who are under immense pressure from society, from families afraid of losing face, and from a government desperate to maintain population numbers. Filmmakers Shosh Shlam and Hilla Medalia explore this phenomenon, from the spectacle of awkward public dating contests and government sponsored matchmaking festivals to parents' marriage markets and excruciating family encounters." (Tribeca Film Festival)

2019Rating: Exempt85 minsIsraelMandarin with English subtitles
DocumentaryWorld CinemaFestival & Independent
Hilla Medalia ('After the Storm', 'To Die in Jerusalem', 'Dancing in Jaffa')Shosh Shlam ('Web Junkie', 'Good Garbage', 'Last Journey Into Silence')
Hilla MedaliaShosh Shlam

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Screen Daily

Screen Daily

An emotionally complex piece of personal portraiture that intimately reveals the extent to which traditional attitudes still dominate Chinese society regardless of its globalised surface.

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Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter

Erratic though it is, Leftover Women makes one important point. It reveals how much at least some parts of society still expect women to accommodate what's best for men.

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