Let the Sunshine In

Let the Sunshine In

(Un beau soleil intérieur)

Juliette Binoche leads this frank, rueful, Cannes award-winning dramedy co-written by novelist and playwright Christine Angot.... More

"Binoche plays the Angot surrogate, Isabelle, a Parisian artist, recently divorced from the father of her ten-year-old daughter. Alone and unleashed, she is undaunted in her yearning to connect sexually and romantically with a succession of men who, one way or another, come on to her. ... There’s wry comedy in Isabelle’s impatience to cut to the unspoken intent in their blandishments, though the delight of consummation – so empathetically evoked by Denis, one of the cinema’s great sensualists – is likely to be followed by bemusement or dismay until she rallies for the next encounter." (New Zealand International Film Festival)Hide

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  • The film slowly but surely works its charms, painting a rich, emotionally complex portrait of a woman who, like Denis herself, will not let herself be boxed in. Full Review

  • An acutely intelligent, finely acted and - despite its cerebral edge - emotionally rich piece. Full Review

  • Binoche ... delivers the material superbly, material which from almost anyone else would sound dyspeptic or absurd. Full Review

  • Binoche, like her compatriot Isabelle Huppert, is an actress so adept at serenely conducting inner turmoil that we risk taking their range of notes and tones for granted. Even by her standards, however, this is complex, quietly symphonic work... Full Review

  • A typically vivacious turn from Juliette Binoche compensates for a premise that becomes increasingly shaky during the progress of this French existentialist rom-com (yep, there is such a thing) from the director Claire Denis (Beau Travail). Full Review

  • Claire Denis' most conventionally entertaining film is a delight. And it's yet another reminder Juliette Binoche is an international treasure who should be cherished. Full Review

  • It relies on Binoche's radiance, but also her immense control, to keep any kind of shape, demanding a portrait in shards which she pieces together, like an affecting mosaic. Full Review