Like Crazy (2011)

Review: Like Crazy (2011)

09 Feb 12

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With a surprising intellect, Like Crazy's plot takes the overwrought subject of complicated romance and pushes it towards a refreshing realm of bittersweet love. Director Drake Doremus's script examines the reality of a contemporary love when separated by land and sea. The relationship he unfolds does so through a well balanced mixture of personal interaction and electronic communication. Intentional or not, this creates intriguing new barriers as both Anna & Jacob are able to limit their interactions and censor any feelings of apprehension, resentment or guilt they made hold.

Sadly, there are some fundamental shortcomings in the film's delivery that do not complement its potential. A lot can be said about Doremus's highly improvisational style. For me, this diluted any real chemistry between Jacob and Anna. At times during it I felt their dynamic strongly and was engaged, but these moments were all too fleeting. I suspect this was a murky interaction between improv and script. Should the scenes have been more firmly constructed, I feel we may have had a completely different film, one with more bite. I did consider that the improv could have worked with more vigilant casting. For the most part I enjoyed Anton Yelchin's withdrawn portrayal of Jacob but felt that Felicity Jones was possibly miscast in her role. Whilst clearly a talented actress, I think she overplayed her part and seemed a little challenged by Drake Doremus's progressive direction.