Living is Easy with Eyes Closed

Living is Easy with Eyes Closed

(Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados)

Spanish coming-of-age/road trip film set in 1966 following a high school teacher who drives to Almeria where he hopes to meet his idol, John Lennon. On the journey, he picks up two young runaways. Winner of six Goya Awards (Spanish Oscars) in 2014 including Best Film, Best Director and Best Leading Actor. The film's title, of course, comes from The Beatles' Strawberry Fields Forever.

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The title refers to the opening line of The Beatles’ song, Strawberry Fields, and the movie follows a Spanish schoolteacher on a road trip across Spain to meet John Lennon in 1966. Director David Trueba’s tale, inspired by a true story, is an entertaining ride, filled with eccentric characters and some wonderfully comic turns from a talented cast.... More

It constantly reminded me, in a good way, of Alfonso Cuarón’s road trip movie of adolescence, Y Tu Mamá También – with its optimism, playfulness and nostalgic reminiscences of youth. Set against the harsh backdrop of Franco’s repressive rule, the story and characters shine in a tale celebrating individual rebellion and intellectual freedom.Hide

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BY Brian1 superstar

We are reminded of the years of Spanish dictatorship, the music that was and the pressures, and joys, of 60's youth. Not high on power or adrenalyn, but on aspects of life as it was then.

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  • Remarkably, the film manages to take on political import while telling a charming, whimsical story of three people who set out to meet Lennon on location. Full Review

  • A tender, comedic, coming-of-age story which bristles with poignant references to the lingering effects of Spain’s dictatorship. Full Review

  • Terrifically enjoyable... a comedy with a dark edge that reminds us how life was in Spain back then, under the despotic Franco regime. Full Review

  • Ultimately good-hearted and gracefully handled enough to transcend the leisurely slightness of its material. Full Review

  • It's a project that could easily be weighed down with nostalgia or over-determination, but there's a generosity and humour about the performances and the direction that keep the film light and buoyant. Full Review

  • The central performances overcome the conventional material to offer relatable characters on a universal quest, with the always excellent Camara a perfect guide through pleasant territory. Full Review

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