Lone Survivor

Review: Lone Survivor

17 Mar 14

Realistic in its detail

I went to the film expecting another Mark Whalberg Shooter, which is still one of my favoured military based action flicks next to sniper with Berenger. This film howver was always going to be different. A True story adapted to the big screen, It can be very graphic and hard to watch the scenes knowing that its based on real events, Its hard to tell whether its been watered down or gored up but its very real and the way in which its filmed you are there in the action amongst the fight. The dialogue is as if you are there amidst the conversation. The characters are introduced in a way that there is always the weight of other lives on their shoulders be it the soldier next to them or loved ones at home. And the feel good twist amongst this with the explanation is a great way to tie the lose ends together. Worth a watch