Review: Looper

By Twingo
30 Sep 12

Great premise that's killed by the story

Sci-fi done well is brilliant but don't waste your money - this isn't. It's a great premise - really original take on time travel but killed by the storyline. Spoiler Alert. This is not about the looper this is actually a film about a mutant kid. Trouble is it builds up the looper story in the first half and that's where the action should have stayed - on the protagonist and how he deals with his future self and his former employer - not diverted onto a poorly introduced B line. Thumbs up for lack of needless gratuitous sex. Violence related to the looper's job is well portrayed but big thumbs down for cliche of Willis 'taking out the baddies' - it's like being forced to watch a teenager jerk off. The endings been done - see Devil's Advocate. Real shame that a great premise has been wasted on this story - in other hands this film could have risen to Terminator II heights and cult status.