Review: Looper

06 Oct 12

Unique and Gutsy

I'm not too sure what I initially expected from this film - a thriller, some time travelling, some action... but wow, did these expectations get challenged! And it was brilliant! First of all, I love the concept of the Loopers, it's so original and fascinating. I was worried that the whole time travelling paradoxes and 'rules' would be an issue, but this film deals with it really well - by consciously acknowledging the complexity, and moving on. It wasn't the point of the film - and, if you really want to, you can examine the time travel mechanics used, and they actually stand up pretty well! So that's a big tick in the film's favour.

The acting was great - I'm a big fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and his willingness to use prosthetics just shows how dedicated he is. It was a little weird, but I got used to it - he actually rocked the Willis look pretty awesomely! Bruce Willis himself did an admirable job - he's jusst as BAMF as always, but he injected some real emotion into 'Looper' which gave it another dynamic. I enjoyed Emily Blunt's performance, and of course wee Pierce Gagnon, so cute and talented, wow!

Probably the thing I loved most about this film though, was the ending. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but it was such a gutsy ending! For one, I didn't predict things going down that way, so that was awesome. Interestingly enough, my initial reaction was almost negative, like "What? No! But... that sucks!" xD but then I thought about it, and I realised that it was the only way it *could* end. It pretty much changed the way I saw the whole film, actually. And now I definitely want to see it again, because I'm sure I'd get something new from it. Few films would have the balls to go through with something like this, and I reckon it gives 'Looper' that extra bit of power - which is why it's definitely a 5 star film! :)