Love Birds

Love Birds


New Zealand romantic comedy, from the director of Second Hand Wedding, that tells the story of a regular bloke on a quest to find true love – all with the help of a native New Zealand shelduck. Stars Rhys Darby (Flight of the Conchords) and Sally Hawkins (Made in Dagenham).... More

The happy and predictable life of Doug (Darby) - a road working 'every-man' and massive fan of the legendary band Queen - falls to pieces when his long-term girlfriend suddenly dumps him. He's gutted. But when an injured Paradise Shelduck (Pierre) crash-lands on his roof, Doug is compelled to nurse the duck back to health. He meets Holly (Hawkins) - a sassy animal specialist - and so begins his journey on the rocky road to love...Hide

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Local boy made good Rhys Darby scores his first feature film lead role in the latest kiwi rom-com, and he’s brought a host of ‘world famous in New Zealand’ actors with him. Those more accustomed to his zanier Flight of the Conchords persona may find his turn as an everyday battler jarring, though the more low key character accurately reflects a film that more successfully warms the heart than splits your sides.

There is the occasional laugh to be had, but unfortunately just as many of the one-liners and gags miss the mark. On the other hand, the love story between the lead characters is solid throughout, building well to the final bold romantic gesture that is the film’s climax. A lot of the credit for this should go to Sally Hawkins as Darby’s love interest. She’s probably the least familiar face to local audiences, but she’s great at convincingly expressing doubt and uncertainty over the relationship that keeps the story from becoming too sickly sweet. The Queen soundtrack is nice too.

Unfortunately, everything else about the film seems too sanitized to be truly memorable. This gives it a wider appeal, but at the same time you wish certain elements could’ve been pushed further and not played so safe. It’ll send you home happy enough; just don’t expect a laugh riot.

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BY Ponyboy lister

I like Rhys Darby but this film is really bad. Like, really REALLY bad. I was cringing all the way through it and i watched it on the plane and the air hostess asked me if I was feeling sick.

BY Diane-D nobody

Great NZ film. Enjoyed the movie.

BY Heena nobody

Awesome kiwi movie, very funny and great acting from Rhys Darby.

BY bigspendakev superstar

You wont see Rhys being his over the top silly self but another well told Kiwi film with lots of good laughs and the duck is a brilliant actor bravo

BY spaceman superstar

great acting from rhys darby and sally hawkins...beautiful nz movie

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  • See it with a desire to see the first big-screen depiction of the Kiwi sensitive new age guy. Makes a change from all those man-alone types. Full Review

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