Love the Beast

Love the Beast


Documentary from Australian superstar Eric Bana (Chopper, Hulk, Star Trek) about his 25 year love affair with one car – his 1974 Ford GT Falcon Coupe named 'The Beast'. ... More

Filmed over two years, we follow Bana as he and some friends enter 'The Beast' in the grueling Targa Tasmania Rally. But tragedy strikes, and the man hell bent on conveying how much he loved his car had just destroyed it. From inside the race car to the surreal world of the red carpet, Eric faces this drama and seeks out guidance from personalities such as Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear), Jay Leno and Dr Phil.Hide

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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Eric Bana Show, starring Eric Bana and directed by Eric Bana. It’s only appropriate to mention his name so many times straight off the bat because it nicely sums up what this movie is all about – Eric Bana. It’s unfortunate that the film turns into a bald faced vanity project – so awash in self-interest that it never gets out of first gear – since there’s a good story in here somewhere.... More

The connection between a man and his car is something rarely taken seriously in cinema and the treatment of the theme heads in the right direction. Bana’s Ford Falcon Coupe is treated as a flawed but loved machine, humanising the car and giving the emotional connection a sense of validity. Candid moments of friendship surrounding its modification also unearth moments of entertaining blokey humour.

But these seeds of an interesting yarn are buried under Bana’s desperate attempt to establish himself as a blue collar Aussie, unaffected by the trappings of fame and fortune acquired in Hollywood. Especially grating is the delivery of his voiceovers, which aim for misty-eyed and nostalgic, but instead come off as corny and over the top.

One for similarly dedicated rev heads and card-carrying Bana fans.Hide

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BY Cherie nobody

Seriously Mike (and andreas a little too) If you dont like cars dont watch the movie. My mum doesnt like porn so she doesnt watch it...get it? Im not even a petrol head but I recognize hard work and raw power and beauty when I see it. dope documentary about one of the most amazing ford models to come out of Australia and Im not even an Aussie!! And as far as Bana talkin himself up>>>when was the last time you bought a awesome car at 15 and raced and fixed it that hard. get off your couch and... More get a life both of you! P.S, This isnt just some car its 'the Pursuit Special' you morons and its a bathurst winning model so if you really want to review movies dont you think you should start with some relative points instaed of taking the piss out of the guy and missing the whole point intirely...perhaps you should stick to playstation.Hide

BY Mick nobody

Spinal Tap had a bit about the deep relation between a guitarist and his guitar & amp, that segment was around 5 minutes not 90.

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  • No doubt reminiscing on his favourite vehicle’s history, health and wellbeing is terribly important stuff to Bana, but for discerning viewers it will make insufferably dull material. Full Review

  • Despite being a vanity vehicle, care of Bana, it has plenty of high-horsepower charm to go with it. Top Gearheads should love it. Full Review

  • Even if you're only vaguely aware of the comedian-turned-Hollywood-star and think of the automotive industry as nothing more than purveyors of transportation, Love The Beast has the mellow glow of affectionate nostalgia for the kind of solid construction and steadfast mateship increasingly hard to come by in these prefab times. Full Review

  • The documentary follows the history of the car and its various incarnations, and we follow Eric as he talks to a disdainful Jeremy Clarkson (always good copy) who points out how it's quite normal to have an emotional relationship with a car, and the contempo guru on life, Dr Phil. I could have done without Dr Phil. Full Review