The average person uses 10% of their brain capacity, imagine what you could do with 100%.

Scarlett Johansson leads this biological sci-fi actioner from Luc Besson (Taken, The Fifth Element) following an innocent woman forced into becoming a drug mule. But when the bag of high tech drugs leaks inside her, the concoction gifts her superhuman abilities. Co-stars Morgan Freeman.

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Luc Besson hasn’t helmed a ludicrous sci-fi flick since The Fifth Element, though he’s been a successful hands-on producer of a string of hits in the interim – Taken, The Transporter, and so on. With Lucy he follows this high star-power, mid-budget formula, casting Scarlett Johansson as an unwitting drug mule transformed by the experimental chemical inside her, a substance that unlocks the 90% of the human brain we allegedly don’t use.... More

One thing’s for sure, even though this notion is scientifically discredited, you won’t need to use more than 10% of your noggin while watching this. Making The Fifth Element look like 2001 by comparison, Lucy is an astonishingly stupid film that nevertheless has its own Kubrickian midf-ck aspirations. When a TARDIS-like office chair arrives towards the end, well, the less said of that the better, but by then Besson’s drained most of the fun out of his premise and even the nuttiest moments make little impact.

Sadly this undoes some impressive special effects sequences, and a lot of Johansson’s good work in the first act. She brings some genuine acting to a film that doesn’t really call for it, strongly selling the plight of a young woman caught up with violent drug smugglers, but is soon reduced to robotic eye candy. Given superhuman status by the chemical changes she experiences, Lucy is an unbeatable, all-powerful hero, which removes all risk and stakes from the film, so every confrontation, fight or chase is a completely foregone conclusion – leaving just a hodgepodge of concepts that combine into what’s thankfully just a 91-minute mess.Hide

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BY aleishat nobody

Its a GREAT movie its fast pace and exciting the ending is a bit far fetch however the overall experience watching this film was great. a must see!

BY Sawyer lister

If you like to watch a gorgeous woman scare the pants off you then watch this film. Damn she was scary in a appealing kind of way.

BY Sulian superstar

This film looks so very nice but I was wishing there to be better acting. I am mostly a big fan of ScarJo but this was not the best role for her even though she is so beautiful there was not much to believe in her performance. I don't think that is ttrue about the brain as well I thik we all use lots of the brain and not only ten percent.

BY Zamm superstar

Yes, this movie is about the possibilities, probabilities and theories of what we can become if we can efficiently use our minds at its 100% potential and capacity.

If you keep an open mind, then this movie can perhaps inspire you to think and see how far and wide can you actually indulge your imagination in the process. For this alone, I really enjoyed watching it, and thinking about the "what could be(s)" way after the movie ended.

Leaves The Matrix for dead and awoke my senses. For those running on less than their share of 10% will probably miss the plot all together, but for those who have theirs turned on and running, will see that this film was very well produced and stands out as one of the best films I have seen.
Has flash backs of "Koyaanisqatsi" and "What the Bleep!" weaved in. I give it 5/5 because when I left the cinema; I was seeing far more than when I went in.

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64% of critics recommend.
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  • A garish, trippy, wildly uneven and finally quite disarming piece of work, graced by a moment-to-moment unpredictability. Full Review

  • Earns points for its unpredictable treatment of its vaguely superhero-ish premise and an appealing silliness, but it struggles to match wits with the genius at its center. Full Review

  • The end of the movie goes completely off the rails, but in a way that is charming in its stupidity. Full Review

  • Buoyed by Johansson's presence, Besson keeps his entertainment machine purring. He may be a hack, but he's also a reliable entertainer. Full Review

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