Mamma Mia!

Review: Mamma Mia!

By Jessie
12 Oct 08

Merly Streep, hilarious acting, never to be forgotton ABBA songs and newcomer Anmanda Seyfried makes a flim to see again and again!

My title basically sums it all up. Merly Streep did brilliantly as usual. Who knew she could sing. But an amazingly powerful voice comes out of her. And the newcomer Amanda Seyfried (sort of newcomer anyway she was in Mean Girls) did a fantastic job of portraying the tomboyish curious character of Sophie. Her voice is incredible although she says she's not very great. The two bffs of Donna were fantastic in making everyone crack up laughing every time they came on screen. Pierce Bronsnon was a disapointment singing wise. Although his acting was very good. None of the men actually showed an incredible talent for singing. So I would give last years blockbuster muscial Hairspray better marks for singers.

Watch out for some paticular musical numbers including Honey Honey (that was what made me fall in love with the movie and Amanda's voice), Mamma Mia, Super Trouper, Does Your Mother Know, Slipping Through My Fingers, The Winner Takes It All (Although this scene is extremely boring the vocals are amazing), Chiquitita, I Have A Dream

Enjoy it. It's fantastic.