Mamma Mia!

Review: Mamma Mia!

29 Oct 18

Mamma Mia Here We Go Again

This is a great movie if you're an ABBA fan. I've been an ABBA fan since ABBA was invented. The movie is like a great accompaniment to the music. Sort of like nice chips with a good meal. All the characters are back, well, sort of. It's a simple, cheesy, warm-hearted, feelgood, all's well that end's well storyline. So if you want something gritty and deep, watch something else. If you want fun & happiness, watch this movie. If you like ABBA music, DEFINITELY watch this movie. I hear there's a "singalong" version. I'm sure that will be even better for ABBA fans. Watch this movie, it may cheer you up if you're down. If you're happy already, it's a bonus, like being given a cute kitten.