Margot At The Wedding

Margot At The Wedding

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Margot (Kidman), a haughty Manhattan author, returns home to meet up with her younger, more down to earth sister (Jason Leigh) who’s about to get married to Malcom (Black). Margot hates Malcom - being a shade rough around the edges - and cruelly tries to wreck their relationship.

Director Noah Baumbach's sharp observations of family dysfunction continue here, after writing & directing the little seen but very funny The Squid and the Whale and co-writing Wes Anderson's Life Aquatic. More

2007Rating: M, offensive language & sexual references91 minsUSAEnglish
Noah Baumbach ('The Squid and the Whale', 'Kicking and Screaming')
Noah Baumbach
Nicole KidmanJennifer Jason LeighJack BlackJohn TurturroCiarán Hinds

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