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Disney's 1964 classic musical about two children from a well-to-do Edwardian family that strike it lucky when their new nanny turns out to be the sweet singing, ever cheerful, Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews in an Oscar winning performance). Suddenly the sensible household of Mr. Banks is array with magic and fun - features animated/live-action sequences. Winner of 5 Academy Awards including Best Special Effects and Best Score.

1964Rating: G, suitable for general audiences139 minsUSA
AnimatedKids & FamilyMusical
Robert Stevenson ('The Love Bug', 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks')
Bill WalshDon DaGradi
Julie AndrewsDick Van DykeDavid TomlinsonGlynis JohnsEd Wynn

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Winner of 5 Oscars including Best Actress (Andrews), Special Effects, Musical Score, Academy Awards 1965.

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Julie Andrews' first appearance on the screen is a signal triumph and she performs as easily as she sings, displaying a fresh type of beauty nicely adaptable to the color cameras. Van Dyke, as the happy-go-lucky jack-of-all-trades, scores heavily, the part permitting him to showcase his wide range of talents.

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Exerts a formidable charm and is technically very accomplished. In a magical sequence, Mary, Bert, and the children wander through an animated landscape filled with cartoon deer, rabbits, and even penguins...

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