Max Steel

Max Steel

Max Steel

Based on the Mattel toy turned cartoon, Max Steel is an origin story tracing back from when Max McGrath's (Ben Winchell) powers first materialised.

Shortly after Max McGrath and his mother move back to Copper Canyon, Max's body starts generating uncontrollable amounts of energy. Eventually it pushes him to the brink of death and in the nick of time, a techno-organic extraterrestrial named Steel saves him. The two discover that when joined together they can control the energy and harness it, but when apart, neither can survive.

Learning to accept their connected fates, they begin to uncover secrets surrounding the death of Max’s father. They soon find themselves hunted by an enemy bent on capturing them, and uncertain who to trust, they must work together to find the truth and fight the mysterious forces threatening our world.

2016UK, USA
ActionAdventureScience Fiction

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