Me Before You

Me Before You


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Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) leads this romance based on the bestselling novel by Jojo Moyes. About a small-town English girl who forms an unlikely bond with a wealthy and recently paralysed man (Sam Clafin, the Hunger Games series), who hires her as his caretaker.

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Last time we saw Emilia Clarke on the big screen, away from majestically riding dragons on the small, she appeared strangely out of her depth as a pale reiteration of Sarah Connor in the execrable Terminator Genisys. I’m not sure she’s any more convincing here as a manic pixie dream girl in Me Before You, dressed head-to-toe in eye-sore wardrobe that’s equal parts Teletubbies and granny vintage. You’ll either find her bubbly, foot-in-mouth dorkiness grating or charming, but at least she gives a respectable crack at it, and during the film’s best moments, works up palpable chemistry with co-star Sam Claflin, whose self-loathing quadriplegic becomes a gooey object of her affection, and vice versa.... More

With the love-overcoming-disability(-to-a-point) tropes of The Theory of Everything still fresh in the memory, Me Before You can’t help but feel like familiar four-hankie terrain. Lubricated with heart-tugging balladry from the likes of Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran, the film is pure fairy tale, each beat carefully engineered to squeeze the shit out of our waterworks while it fancies itself as a soul-affirming journey that transcends pesky class and physical barriers.

The obscene wealth of Claflin’s character, William Traynor, allows for much fantasy fulfillment, giving Clarke’s unstoppably sunny Lou carte blanche opportunity to brainstorm extravagant dates in a race-against-time plot to thwart his suicidal wishes. If you want to see a bumblebee-stocking-wearing Khaleesi chip away at the prickly exterior of a rich, handsome, wheelchair-bound former banker, here’s your movie.Hide

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BY cinemusefilm superstar

In movies, as in life, appearances can be deceptive. The trailer for Me Before You (2016) promises a sweet romantic comedy but the film is an emotionally challenging confrontation with the moral dilemmas of assisted dying. It is a beautifully sugar-coated but tragic story with a deep message that increasingly demands a societal response. Full of fairy-tale allusions, including a castle with a fallen prince and a poor girl in strange clothes, together with brilliant casting and tear-inducing... More imagery, the film is one of a growing number that address euthanasia themes.

The storyline is simple. Working class girl Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke) takes a six-month contract to be a carer for quadriplegic Will Traynor (Sam Claflin). He is under the guardianship of his wealthy parents who want a fresh bright face for Will, and Louisa is delightfully quirky, chatty and absolutely zany in her dress sense. Despite a fractious beginning, they soon become deeply attached as she learns of his plan to end his life in a Swiss euthanasia clinic within six months. In the time they have left and within the constraints of his condition, they do many of the things that young lovers do, including a tropical island holiday. The most painful part of this film is the absolute nature of its impending finale. Even Will’s parents are resigned to the finality of his decision, all of which has a transformative effect on Louisa.

Emilia Clarke’s performance is the beating heart of this film. As Louisa, she is simply beyond adorable. Her face can speak volumes without opening her mouth while her eyebrows alone have a vocabulary spanning all human emotion. Will is her perfect match, with an expressiveness that glides seamlessly from brooding stoicism to irascible charm. No doubt many audiences will be happy to enjoy a bitter sweet love story told well, without dwelling on the deeper message of assisted dying. Others, however, will be struck by the force of three words that are repeated several times in the film, “it’s his choice”. They will grapple with how a person can reach such an unbearable point in their existence where they find absolutely no reason to live. As a tear-jerker rom-com, this film is right up there with the best of them but it is so much more than that. Sure, the narrative arc is laid bare right from the start, but sometimes you just have to let a movie have its way with you, as this one did with me.Hide

BY KennethP91 superstar

Emilia Clark stars as Louisa Clark who’s desperate to make a living to help her family. She takes a job taking care of recently paralyzed Will Traynor (Sam Claflin). Things doesn’t go smoothly for Louisa as Will is proving to be very difficult to work with. However with her charming personality she’s able to form a bond with Will which may ease him of his pain and suffering.

For a romantic drama, glad to say our two leads were great. Emilia Clark plays a quirky small town girl with a... More very charming personality and she plays it as best as she could. From delivering lines with perfect comedic timing to crying in heavy dramatic scenes, she’s shown that she got range and that she’s not always the badass dragon riding person that we know from Game of Thrones.

Sam Claflin is also great in the movie as he plays a very moody person who’s suffered and lost so much due to an accident. At first it’s difficult to relate to him since on the outside he’s still a ridiculously rich handsome person. But we do empathize at a certain level when exposed to his vulnerabilities.

The movie has a great mixture of comedy and drama which helped the pacing of the almost two hour movie. It’s never boring and you feel engrossed in the story.

As great as Emilia Clark’s performance in the movie, she does feel miscast-ed as the movie sells her as a small town quirky person who’s not very smart and sometimes clumsy. Unfortunately it didn’t work as the movie hoped it would be. You don’t believe that she’s the average looking girl who magically transforms once she takes her glasses off or in this case, when she wears a red dress.

The movie falls in cliched romantic tropes especially when it comes to Will Traynor realizing that Louisa Clark is beautiful this whole time and falls for her. And at times the writing didn’t make sense and becomes very superficial in certain scenes with issues mainly being first world problems.

Overall Me Before You is a good romantic drama, the dialogue isn’t as pretentious as The Fault in Our Stars and it does a great job pacing through it’s running time. The performances were decent especially Emilia Clark who tried her best. Unfortunately the way she was portrayed and the movie’s superficial writing drags the movie down tremendously. Still, it’s a charming, tear-jerker movie which couples and some single women and men can enjoy.Hide

BY thorinoak superstar

This is one of those kind of movies that have been discussed around the water cooler (do people still do that, is that still a thing?) at work as it has stirred up quite a bit of anger in the disabled community. So, whatever side of the debate you are on, this is definitely worth a watch.

Emilia Clarke is the absolutely star of this film and is so far away from the Queen of Dragons in her portrayal of the quirky Lou. Even though this film is definitely a heart breaker it is also the story of... More a loved one, family, friends, and community trying to show a person they love that there is so much to live for. Great film.Hide

BY hanz108 nobody

I am a big sucker for movies like this and I found this one didn't disappoint. Also great the trailer didn't give the ending away.

BY Booper superstar

I thought 'Me Before You' played it very safe for a film in what I'd describe as being the weepy genre. The plot moved at a good pace but I thought the ending could have been better and more poignant but overall it lived up to my expectations and I thought Emilia Clarke was the standout. Worth a watch if you enjoy this kind of genre

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  • There’s gentle manipulation, and then there’s having your arms manacled to a freight train of weepy catharsis... Full Review

  • A melodrama with soft-rock ballads where its beating heart should be. Full Review

  • You can't blame audiences too much for being seduced by two shining young stars in a movie romance that hits the spot, bitter and sweet. Full Review

  • It’s not perfect, but the novel’s five million readers have nothing to worry about: it’s totally loyal to the book (unsurprisingly since Moyes wrote the script). Full Review

  • The film will feel familiar to anyone who’s sniffled through "Love Story" or "The Fault in Our Stars." It’s better than both. Full Review

  • The chemistry between the leads and a few finely etched supporting turns provide welcome counterweight to the movie’s formulaic progression... Full Review

  • A recent screening of "Me Before You" concluded with audible sniffles and even a sob or two. Why not gales of laughter or quiet snores? These are the mysteries that trouble a critic's uneasy mind. Full Review

  • Transferring from theatre, director Thea Sharrock ramps up the property porn, while failing to fill this space with anything like recognisable human activity or emotion. Full Review

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