This New Zealand film shines a light on the animals we eat and what goes on behind the supermarket shelves, told from the perspectives of three farmers and a hunter. From the executive producers of Werner Herzog classics Grizzly Man and Encounters at the End of the World.

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“Let’s watch a film about meat and chill.” A hard sell as a date movie perhaps but Meat is full of surprises. What I can promise is that you will be moved by this charming document of three New Zealand farmers (pig, sheep, chooks) and a hunter. I know I was.... More

David White’s documentary is on a mission, not to demonise, or fetishise, the production of meat in N.Z but to shine a light without hysteria or hagiography. I suspect he’s one of those rural types that think city slickers imagine their meat is born with the cling film attached, and he’s set out to set us straight.

What transpires is akin to a quartet of full immersion experiences comprising three farm-stays and a hunting trip. White has assembled a quartet of understated yet fascinating characters: There’s the high country hunter straight from central casting who firmly believes that we modern kiwis have lost our hunter-gatherer gumption. There’s an ex-policewoman turned sheep farmer who deals to her flock with tough love, and a charming chicken farmer who lets Meat poke around his entire poultry set-up. Even the grim reality of caged pig life takes on a new complexion, though the pork farmer works the hardest to make the audience see his point of view.

I loved this film, and at risk of trotting out that tired old preach, it really should be seen by every New Zealander, carnivore and vegetarian alike. A highly entertaining portrait of the human kiwi animal.Hide

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  • ...things do get a little gruesome for those with sensitive stomachs, but Meat feels like it takes a more balanced approach to a polarising topic than most. Full Review

  • [offers] a short and well-balanced discussion on a controversial subject that is relevant to everyone; making it worthy viewing for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. Full Review

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