The film that everyone was talking about in 2000 and one that had a profound influence on the structure of some many thrillers since. Guy Pearce has never been better than here, playing a man who is suffering from short-term memory loss while trying to find his wife's killer. Christopher Nolan, probably the most consistent director in Hollywood in the resulting decade, announced his arrival with an audacious premise - the story was delivered in short, bite-size chunks, backwards - that kept audiences guessing and completely enthralled at the same time. Made M. Night Shayamalan's twists look clunky.'s Top 50 Films of the Decade.

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This movie is complete perfection.

The film filmed backwards.

It is edited together with a stroke of genius - So that the audience only knows as much as the main character who has a memory problem and cannot create short-term memories.

Guy Pearce puts in a memorable performance of Lennie. This film is a puzzle, and as it slowly comes together you come to understand each characters motivations for seemingly manipulating or befriending Lennie.

As everything comes together for an exhilirating... More finale, a shocking truth is revealed. The human psyche is under the microscope, how we manipulate - why we act certain ways - this film is a once in a generation film and should be on everybody's bucket list.

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