Miami Vice

Miami Vice


Loosely based on the iconic 80s TV show, and directed by the show’s producer, Michael Mann. Like his previous Collateral, Miami Vice is shot on digital video.... More

Film focuses on the darkside of undercover police work. Ricardo Tubbs (silky smooth Foxx) - "urban & dead smart", works undercover transporting drugs into Miami, attempting to identify a group responsible for 3 murders; and Sonny Crockett (fiery Irishman Farrell) - "charismatic & flirtatious", works with the supplier of the Miami group. As Crocket gets romantically involved with Isabella (Gong Li), the Chinese-Cuban wife of a drugs trafficker, the intensity of the case pull the policemen into dangerous territory – when the lines between their roles as cops and their fabricated identities start to blur.Hide

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BY Bonux superstar

I bought the whole Miami Vice 80's TV series last year but frankly this has to be the worst ever movie made by the otherwise brilliant Michael Mann. Colin Farrell for a start is overplaying, trying to hide desperately his thick Irish accent behind a ridiculously toughened voice, and a ridiculous mo that makes him look like a cheap pornstar. His acting is worst than the mo, his way to walk like a Marlborough man cowboy stuffed with hemorroids show that when it comes to Sonny Crockett ultra... More coolness, Don Johnson had simply no equal. And where is the croc on the boat, where are the flashy jackets and the hot chicks on the beach? In fact where is the beach?! With Don Johnson you happen to like Crockett and his "living on the edge" style, but with Farrell you just happen to think "what a wanker, I hope he takes a cap in the arse". The bad guys and Gong Li were only slightly more convincing. So was Foxx performance although you can see he is not convinced by his partner either. Or maybe he was preparing for his role in Ray Charles because he had to be blind to enroll in that movie... The most simple things like the music have also been messed up whereas it used to play a huge part in the mood of the TV series. Everytime there is a love scene, here is invariably a song of Soundgarden leadsinger for you, everytime they fight here is a very bad tribute to Phil Collins, it is so bad it is laughable. Visually it is not the best Michael Mann either, a few cold blue lights but nothing like Heat or Collateral that tells you "damn those long nights feel lonely, I really feel for those lonely criminals who have no one to love but the innocent pedestrians they kill". There is not quite the tragedy of the original 80's series either. In the TV series good friends died sometimes and bad guys got away with murder because it is how it works in the real druglord world: win some lose some. And this used to add greatly to the evolution of the characters between revenge, compassion, anger, humour, uncertainty, depression, etc. Hard to put that in a movie but in the series, action scenes often blent with the two cops rather complicated life. The movie failed miserably to show that and it is a one sided flick and the action scenes are not that great. Farrell love scene with Li made me think he would take her doggystyle, then she would get shot and he would light a cig walking away like a cowboy while scratching his crotch. So was the obvious lack of passion between the two. At least it would have been funny but it is Michael Mann so it is not supposed to be. In fact the reason why the Miami Vice TV series was so unique in the 80's is that Crockett and Tubbs were pure antiheroes like you rarely see them in conservative American cinema or television. Conservative characters have no weaknesses, they are patriots and they always win: boring! That movie is conservative by trade, so there is plenty of above average shooting and driving and at the end the good guys win as expected. I just don't understand why Crockett sent the girl (Li) back to La Habana because she has more ennemies than friends overthere so she probably gonna get herself killed but Michael Mann must have been told by some executives, be conservative with the audience, do not kill the girl on screen. Pity really, the Michael Mann from the 80's would have killed the girl, probably with a forced overdose of heroin which would have been cooled because Farrell would lose his mo filled with sadness. Anyway, it was crap.Hide

A watchable flick that could have been oh so much better! The original tv series was a favourite but apart from title, location, black/white cop partnership as well as fast cars and glitzy nightclubs--they have absolutely nothing in common. Poor dialogue and lead choice prevents this film from being more than just watchable. Wooden-personality Colin Farrell is no Don Johnson, his part should have gone to someone with presence and personality like Matthew McConaughey. Jamie Fox did ok, he was... More actually better than the "invisible and in the background" original black guy who played the part. Poor dialogue and the cumbersome love scenes involving Farrell and Gong Li--always had me trying to guess "what the heck is going on here". The nightlife imagery was fantastic and so was the ruthless and visceral fight scene in the caravan. Unfortunately those positives only made an otherwise forgettable interpretation...merely watchable. This movie could have been so much more.Hide

You defiantly have to know what you're expecting to enjoy this film. If you love director Michael Mann and ‘Collateral’ then you’re going to absolutely love this.

My friend walked out 45mins in as he was expecting a standard Hollywood action movie, but instead encountered the unique fast-paced, realistic, gritty, exhausting style of Michael Mann. I'm a huge fan.

My one complaint is the total overkill of cop, street, drug, language. A little jargon is a definite plus and adds to the... More immersion. But Miami Vice takes the language to a point where complete sentences make no sense unless you're undercover.

Miami Vice is also great for a lesson in the rule of screenwriting: "Get into a scene as late as possible, and get out as early as possible." This film takes it to the extreme and makes you work to pay attention.Hide

The two one star ratings from people below must be extremely hard to please!

THis movie is great, full of action and a bit of drama, I cannot fathom one start. Maybe 3, but I thought it was a greast ride, so I am giving it 4!

Those who are not a fan of Mann's often disconnected and often abstract pace likely will become frustrated with this movie. Those who are looking for the chemistry and humor of the show will also find it lacking. However, if you enjoy the mood and restrained grit of a Mann crime drama, this has everything and more to satisfy that hunger. Only bad note - a somewhat saggy middle period - This is absolutely a pure Mann take on Miami Vice, and personally, it left me wanting even more.

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