Review: Midsommar

26 Nov 19

Nuts in a good way

5 reasons you should see MIDSOMMAR:

1. HEREDITARY director Ari Aster is back and even better. It's beautifully crafted, art-directed, scripted, shot, performed and directed.

2. It's creepy, visually arresting and stays with you in a way reminiscent of Nicolas Roeg's DON'T LOOK NOW (1973), Robin Hardy's THE WICKER MAN (1973) and even Ben Wheatley's brilliant KILL LIST (2011).

The imagery lingers, making you ponder on just what was going on. Is it all a metaphor for mental illness? A hallucinatory trip? A critique of religion? A pastiche of cult horror movie tropes? All (or none) of the above?

3. In the lead role, Florence Pugh is superb - even better than her "I'm a bit like a young Kate Winslet" lead role in so-so TV series THE LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL.

4. The Swedish location, soaked in bright sunshine, really works, proving a horror film about nutzoid cults doesn't have to be shot in the shadows to be creepy (and occasionally gory) as heck.

5. It's at times remarkably, laugh-out-loud funny (in a dark and demented, gloriously twisted way).