Miss You Already

Review: Miss You Already

23 Oct 15

Sad movie, but funny too.

This is a pretty sad movie, I didn't cry, but the other cinema goers when I went were breaking down.
It's a beautiful story, and can be relate able to females, or males I suppose, who have a really best friend that no matter what life throws your friendships way, whether it be relationships, schools, interests, jobs etc, that you will still always find your way back to one another.

I did have a slight problem with this film however, the god damn camera work, WTF Catherine Hardwicke!!! (Director) can you like give us less than twenty thousand close up shots, and more than two establishing shots! Please, and thank you. **These are estimates only** It's like she tried to make this a really indie film where everything was close and intimate, but it was just annoying and shaky and a pain in my ass.

The acting was really well done though, like really well done, and maybe I'm biased because I'm like a really big Drew Barrymore fan, but I thought she was amazing and funny as per usual and Toni Collette? she was amazing too, and dare I say she did a pretty good English accent. They both had a really good chemistry and were believable as best friends.

It's fair to note though, that Milly (Collette) had cancer throughout the movie and was really self- centred and annoying throughout the movie, and Jess (Barrymore) was either pregnant, or trying to get pregnant throughout the movie so that was a random as bit to the movie. The husbands? sod off, most aren't that understanding and amazing at ALL times, so they could have toned that down a little bit.

Otherwise overall it was a good movie and is a touching more light-hearted look at the serious effects of cancer.

*Recommendation: Take a box of tissues if you cry easily.