Mojin: The Lost Legend

Mojin: The Lost Legend

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Tomb-raiding adventure from Chinese filmmaker Wuershan (Painted Skin: The Resurrection), following a trio of explorers who go down great depths to find a fellow spelunker – a woman who supposedly died 20 years ago – when news gets out that she’s still alive. Stars Angelababy (Tai Chi Zero), Qi Shu (The Assassin), Kun Chen (Flying Swords of Dragon Gate) and Bo Huang (Journey to the West).

2015Rating: M, Violence and offensive language125 minsChinaChinese with English subtitles
ActionHorrorWorld Cinema
Wu'ershan ('Painted Skin: The Resurrection')
AngelababyQi ShuKun ChenBo Huang

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Mojin: The Lost Legend is available to stream in New Zealand now on Apple TV.