Monster House

Monster House


Hailed by some as the best animated film of the year and paraded as this generation's Goonies, Monster House follows a trio of kids and their irrepressible curiosity with the creepy house over the road. It's set in Spielberg-ian suburbia and stands apart from other animated flicks for being genuinly scary.

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This was the worst movie that I have ever taken my children to!! What did I miss? It was nasty!

This is a great horror animation!Full of adventure and excitment.
Definitly a good animation for children.

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74% of critics recommend.
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  • BBC

    There's a similar lack of originality about the juvenile protagonists, whose respective characteristics - timid, brainy, and oaf - make them Harry, Hermione, and Ron in everything but name... Full Review

  • A kind of Goonies for the Noughties, Monster House is a visually dazzling thrill ride that scales greater heights through its winning characters and poignantly etched emotions. A scary, sharp, funny movie, this is the best kids’ flick of the year so far... Full Review

  • 1/2 Takes place in that wondrous childhood netherworld where everyone who’s already experienced puberty is either oblivious, incompetent, or an idiot, leaving DJ, Chowder, and prep school entrepreneur Jenny (Spencer Locke) to combat the menace all alone... it's one of the best movies of the year, and a great accomplishment for Messrs. Harmon and Schrab... Full Review

  • One of the spooky archetypes of childhood imagination — the dark, mysterious house across the street — is literally brought to life in “Monster House,” a marvelously creepy animated feature... Full Review

  • 1/2 Smaller kids might find the movie too intense at times, especially when DJ, Chowder, and Jenny find themselves literally in the belly of the beast. But everyone else should enjoy a good, goosebumpy scare... Full Review

  • A grisly, often cynical piece of work whose joyless, aggressive spirit is made even less appealing by its soulless visual style... Full Review

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