Review: mother!

25 Oct 17

Review: mother!

I absolutely hated this film.

Now, before I get my head chopped off - I understood the film. I got it. It was hard not to get it as it was as subtle as a brick through a window - and that was part of why I didn't connect with this film at all.

I would say that I was completely locked into this film for around an hour (at most). I was intrigued as to where the film was going and liked the religious nods throughout the first hour, but when I realised that this film is ALL about the religious allegory and that it wasn't going to be a frightening thriller, I was out. The performances were fine, but Aranofsky seem to be beating me over the head with his message screaming ' GET IT? DO YOU GET IT? GET IT NOW? YOU MUST GET IT NOW'

Yes, Aranofsky, I get it. I just hated how you went about it.