Mr. Popper's Penguins

Mr. Popper's Penguins


Jim Carrey family film about a wealthy New York businessman who inherits a waddle of penguins. The penguins turn his swanky apartment into a winter wonderland and his life upside down. ... More

Based on the popular children's book (originally published in 1938), the film was shot on a refridgerated soundstage with mostly real penguins.Hide

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BY munchkin superstar

Good film very cute espically for the little ones older children to will find it funny although pretending not to like it like my young sad a genuine family film with plenty of laughs for good measure

BY mummy1 nobody

I went to this with low expectations thanks to all the reveiws, however i was pleasently surprised and even more surprised my 4 year old sat thru it all without squirming throwing jaffas(the red lolly tyoe and not the auckland variety) or wanting to go to the toilet 501 times! so overall a pleasant family movie that is a bit wet at times but can be overlooked for 1 1/2 hours of peace.

BY GrahamP superstar

Too light for me.I think the kids enjoyed it.I wanted it to end.Sorry,I found it boring.

I prefer the more adult comedy that Jim can do but there wasnt so much of this in this movie, still a sweet watch for the young kids .

BY redleisa nobody

It is very cute- nasty zoo people, parents getting back together,happy families & all... good for kids 7-12, lost a bit on any younger kids who find the dialog boring.. jim carey back to pet dective stlye.
Good Family movie.

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48% of critics recommend.
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  • The movie stars Jim Carrey, who is in his pleasant mode. It would have helped if he were in his manic mode, although it's hard to get a rise out of a penguin. Full Review

  • Sweet-natured, undemanding family fun. Full Review

  • The six penguins cast in this amiable family comedy steal the movie -- along with any fish they can find -- although the film's star, Jim Carrey, does manage to hold his own. Barely. Full Review

  • The-impossible-to-upstage stars are the penguins, a combination of real Gentoos specially trained for the film and some computer-generated counterparts. The special effects gurus blend the two seamlessly, making it easy to believe there was no digital wizardry involved, which is perhaps the niftiest trick of all. Full Review

  • Mr. Popper's Penguins reins in its rubber-faced star, leaving most of the rote physical comedy (and overabundance of fart jokes) to his nonhuman counterparts, comprised of a combination of CGI and real penguins. Full Review

  • Carrey fans will be let down by the rubber-faced one playing straight man to a pack of penguins. While kids may find the plot p-p-past its sell-by date. Full Review

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