Mt Zion

Review: Mt Zion

By Jamal
07 Mar 13

Worst Maori themed film to date - a cheap and rip-off version of "Boy"! Sony Pictures' NZ - I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!

Never thought I would walk out of any NZ film....especially a Maori one at that - halfway through watching it. Te Arepa Kahi is NOT a very good Director, Writer or Actor-Selector! He should just stick to his Maori TV Presenter role - to save face! Felt there were 2 Actors/Characters' - that were absolutely awful to watch and an embarrassing turn-off: "Turei's Mum" and "the wheelchair-bound Old man collecting money" - only reason I can think of why Mr Kahi selected them was because they were whanau from up North who wanted some "Easy money"! I give some kudos' to 1st time Film Actor Stan Walker and the rest of the main actors', considering their lines' were short, simple, trite and cliched. The plot came across as very weak and in parts' disjointed, also contributing to this faulty plot, - was the fact that Te Mangai Paho's involvement-criteria, - came into this film CONFIRMED MY WORST FEARS' - that sometimes the Reo CAN SPOIL a film's story. Reo in Maori films' is nothing new; and in many cases' can enhance it's appeal; but in Mr Kahi's example is a big "NO-NO"! My justification for an unfavorable review; 1/ When I went to the movies 90% of the viewers were Maori, and just barely a couple of Caucasians' to bring in the "Ethnic-Diversity" Factor, no Pacific Islanders', Indians' or Asians' (at the Movie counter in front of me - who were more interested in watching another Asian film remake of "The journey West") watching it - as to make it "broadly appealing". Finally 2/ Backed up by the fact this film hardly "cemented itself" at the top spot of the NZ Top 10 films 2013; was "knocked-down" to 3rd spot by the lame "A good day to die hard" - another John McClane Sequel - how sad is that "Bro"?