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A UK King & a US Queen of the rom-com star in this, the story of Alex, a washed up 80s popstar & lady’s man (Grant), and his romance with Sophie (Barrymore), his plant watering lady. Reduced to working the nostalgia circuit, Alex is given the chance of a comeback when reigning diva Cora Corman (Bennett) invites him to write and record a duet with her. Having not written anything in year, Alex has to come up with a hit in just a couple of days. Sophie, with a flair for words, becomes his reluctant collaborator and a romance blossoms as they try to nut out the song.

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my name is veronica tobeck when i play my best movie called music and lyrics witch i really love and the movie is so scrated that its not worth playing on my laptop i personally it is 1 of the best movies that i have ever come across im really disappointed

bad direstion script disconnected No chemisry appalling story line Caution this is the worst musical you will ever see in your life. For some reason Hugh grant sings Go ahead and cringe he makes Paul Holmes sound like Pavarotti.
Buy the pop corn and sit in your car with the wipers on more fascinating!

i think this movie is a bit to predictable because in the end of most movies the same things happen they end up together and always win and hugh is too old for drew so its kida gross

If you want deep and meaningful stay away from this movie. A typical Hugh Grant formula film, girl looks into the now somewhat crinkly, twinkly eyes of sexy Hughie (a little older these days but still has the eccentric bumbly Englishman charm). She melts and a match is made. It would be interesting to see Mr. Grant really take a risk one day and surprise his audience with something more than a song and girating hips, all though quite amusing something other than his usual persona would really... More rock us. On leaving the auditorium I noticed many smiles on the faces of chics of all ages, which proves this movie can,t have been all bad. In fact although a teeniest bit candy floss it was a light hearted fluffy fun film.Hide

Not Hugh's or Drew's best work, but funny, sweet and enjoyable. Catchy soundtrack and hilarious 80s music video- brilliant! Some bits laugh at loud funny.

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  • BBC

    Grant and Barrymore just don't have the depth or chemistry to make you care. In short: flat like Milli Vanilli... Full Review

  • A watchable, workaday rom-com with business as usual from the leads, a bland plot and inconsistent characters... Full Review

  • The plot is paper-thin, and the set-up is beyond contrived (a plant waterer?), but there are a surprising number of laughs, and the saccharine content is kept to a minimum. A mostly enjoyable experience, all told... Full Review

  • An agreeably loopy romantic comedy that bounces along effortlessly on the genuine chemistry of leads Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore... Full Review

  • 1/2 The music is catchy. The actors are likeable. It's all pleasant enough to watch but ultimately it's about as substantial as a pop song. Though it's unlikely to stay with you quite so long... Full Review

  • Grant carries the day as the fortysomething lad still living off his youth and just about getting away with it... Full Review